1. Registration to become our supplier of procurement should have the following conditions:

1. Have the ability to independently assume civil liability;

2. Have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;

3. Have the ability to perform the contract;

4. Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

5. Participation in government procurement activities in the past three years, there are no major illegal records in business activities;

6. Other conditions as stipulated by laws and regulations.

Second, the application to become our procurement supplier should provide the following information (the following relevant information is stamped with official seal):

1. Business license of enterprise legal person (or other legal person certificate such as business);

2. Tax registration certificate;

3. Social insurance registration certificate;

4. Organization code certificate and legal representative ID card;

5. The situation of the branches of the enterprise;

6. The main personnel of the enterprise;

7. A copy of the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and capital verification (funding) report and performance contract of the most recent year;

8. Licensed production, operation or safety and sanitation license, specific technical or business qualifications, IS0 quality and environmental management certification, brand authorized agents and other certificates or qualification certificates that help to prove their operational and management capabilities;

9. We believe that we need to submit or other information that the supplier believes can be provided (such as company charter, credit report, etc.).

Third, registration becomes our supplier to undertake the following obligations:

1. Conscientiously abide by the purchasing laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and other relevant regulations, jointly safeguard the market order and a level playing field, and are obliged to accept the supervision and inspection of our company and the relevant institutions;

2. Participate in relevant procurement activities of our company in accordance with the law and in good faith;

3. Perform all the commitments in procurement activities in accordance with the law, and earnestly safeguard the public interest of the state and society as well as the legitimate rights and interests of the purchasing unit;

4. Responsibility for confidentiality of state secrets and trade secrets obtained during the procurement process;

5. Completely and truthfully register the relevant information of the supplier; adjust the change information in time, and submit it to our company for review according to regulations;

6. Other obligations as stipulated by laws and regulations.


The supplier will submit the above relevant information to our company for approval and become our supplier.

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Fourth, complaints and acceptance

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