Integrity supervision

First, the reporting channel:

1. Mail:

2. Letter: Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office (No. 1816, Shenye Center, No. 5045, Shennan East Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen)

3. Fax: 0755-82083059

Second, the scope of acceptance:

The company's discipline inspection and supervision department only accepts the following report items:

1. Reports on violations of party discipline and discipline by party organizations, party members, departments, and employees of the company;

2. Criticism and suggestions on the company's party style and clean government construction and discipline inspection and supervision work.

Third, report instructions:

1. The content of the report should state the person being reported, the specific facts and relevant evidence. If there is no specific fact, it will not be accepted.

2. The reporter should be responsible for the authenticity of the report. Those who use the report to fabricate facts and falsely accuse them shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with relevant regulations; if they are suspected of committing crimes, they shall be transferred to the judicial organs for handling according to law.

3. Promote real name reporting. The real name report should provide the real name, contact number, mailing address and other content.

4. The company strictly keeps confidential the confidentiality of the whistleblower's name, telephone number, work unit, and address of the communication and the contents of the report.