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Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd.

In the past 20 years, we have deepened the multi-layer capital market and created financial brands such as, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Guozheng Series Index. The business covers: information disclosure, investment and financing docking, SZSE/National Index development, data deep processing, market authorization, etc. .

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and a leading company in the field of information services in China's capital market.png
Business introduction

Multi-level capital market information disclosure, shareholders' meeting online voting, Shenzhen market authorization operation, index research and development and promotion business, direct library and value-added product research and development sales, Shenzhen Stock Exchange “interaction easy” maintenance, technology financial information service platform.

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Juchao Information Network

Shenzhen City Multi-level Market Information Disclosure Official Website Designated Website

"Announcement, Data, Voting, and Interaction"
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National Index

China's capital market authority professional index service agency

Shenzhen Stock Index Characterizes Shenzhen's Characteristics | China Securities Index provides diversified index services
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Shenzhen Stock Exchange innovation and entrepreneurship investment and financing platform

China High-tech Zone Science and Technology Financial Information Service Platform

Investment and information portal for technology-based SMEs
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Shenzhen Information Data Service Platform

Tailored and simplified

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Listed company secretarial service platform

One-stop solution for capital market business

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Mass data entry

Preferred market entry for securities market data

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Institutional information service

Multi-channel mining data value

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange basic market
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Shenzhen Stock Exchange enhanced market
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