IT technology Software Development Engineer Technology category 5-people

Job Responsibilities:

、参与公司网站高可用、高并发系统设计和开发; 1. Participate in the high-availability and high-concurrency system design and development of the company's website;

、参与公司安排的系统功能需求的分析,设计,开发实现,系统级功能的集成测试和调试; 2. Participate in the analysis, design, development and implementation of system function requirements arranged by the company, and integrate testing and debugging of system-level functions;

、与项目组成员共同解决技术难题,并为产品设计提供技术评估。 3. Work with project team members to solve technical problems and provide technical assessment for product design.

job requirements:

、全日制本科及以上学历,计算机等相关专业, 5年以上互联网项目Java分析、设计、开发经验,能力优秀者可适当放宽工作年限要求; 1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above, major in computer science, etc., more than 5 years experience in Java analysis, design and development of Internet projects. Those with excellent ability can appropriately relax the working years;

、至少独立或主持进行过一个中等规模以上系统的需求分析及系统设计工作; 2. At least independently or hosted a needs analysis and system design work for a medium-sized system or above;

、熟悉DubboSpring Cloud等微服务架构,有Docker经验优先; 3 , familiar with Dubbo , Spring Cloud and other micro-service architecture, Docker experience is preferred;

、熟悉主流的Java开源框架,如springmybatisspringMVC等; 4 , familiar with the mainstream Java open source framework, such as spring , mybatis , springMVC, etc.;

、熟悉常用的缓存系统,如redismemcached 5 , familiar with commonly used caching systems, such as redis , memcached ;

、熟悉mysql等主流数据库的设计和开发,掌握SQL调优方法; 6 , familiar with the design and development of mainstream databases such as mysql , master the SQL tuning method;

、熟悉常用的开发工具,如Eclipsemavensvn 7 , familiar with commonly used development tools, such as Eclipse , maven , svn ;

、熟悉Linux操作系统,熟悉ApacheTomcat等开源的服务器配置与优化; 8 , familiar with the Linux operating system, familiar with Apache , Tomcat and other open source server configuration and optimization;

、熟练掌握数据结构,操作系统,数据库原理等; 9 , proficient in data structure, operating system, database principles, etc.;

、有应用框架开发经验者优先; 10 , experience in application framework development is preferred;

、表达沟通能力强,能清晰陈述系统的设计理念,善于团队合作。 11 , strong communication skills, can clearly state the system design concept, good at teamwork.