"Tanglang Tengchun - Clean Mountain" outdoor hiking activity documentary
March 30, 2019
330日举行了以“塘朗踏春-清洁山野”为主题的梅林山-塘朗山穿越徒步活动。 In order to enrich the staff's spare time, strengthen mutual understanding between the teams, and advocate environmentally friendly, green and healthy lifestyles, the information company held the Meilin Mountain - Tang on the theme of “Tanglang Tengchun - Clean Mountain” on March 30 , 2019. Langshan passes through the hiking activities. The event was organized by the Office, co-organized by the Union Outdoor Association and the Volunteers Association. 92 名员工和 12 名员工亲属参加。 The event was signed up with 92 employees and 12 staff members. The activity coordination team confirmed the hiking route and the work division before the trip, and carefully prepared breakfast burgers, bananas and drinking water for each participant. 9 时许,随着总领队一声出发的号令,浩浩荡荡的大队人马开始迈着轻松的步伐向山峦高处进发。 At 9 o'clock in the morning , with the command of the general leader, the mighty brigade began to move towards the high point of the mountain with a relaxed pace.
A team ready to take a photo at the gate of Merlin Hill Park

Between the mountains and the mountains, enjoy the flowers and listen to the wind

In the summer season, the spring season, it is suitable for stretching the bones and strengthening the body. The team slowly moved up the mountain road and gradually opened the distance. The mountains are clearer and clearer in the sunshine, the breeze blows the leaves, the butterflies dance on the flowers, and the humming in the woods is like a march. The young colleagues are full of youthful vigor and hard work, and challenge the high mountains.
Flowers bloom, cherish the nature before the next hill

In the laughter and laughter, overcome difficulties and help each other

This mountaineering activity is difficult, and it is a challenge and test for physical strength and perseverance. Some colleagues worked overtime until a late day, and some colleagues just returned on business, but the physical exhaustion could not stop our determination to move forward. On the steep slopes of the hillside, stretch out and pull one hand; when the big troops are behind, the team leaders will accompany them along the way. Despite the long and difficult roads, our team is a big family, with the same goal, marching hand in hand along the way to overcome difficulties, tired body and mind are also cultivated and tempered in nature.
The beauty of the company's beautiful women, so I am striding forward, age, physical fitness is not a thing

In the mountaineering, the clean environment is synchronized

塘朗踏春-清洁山野 ”活动安排了十余名志愿者,本着不破坏沿途植被和安全第一的原则,对途经山野进行清洁,捡拾视线内出现的垃圾。 In order to better publicize and practice the concept of protecting green mountains and green waters, and encourage everyone to be the terminator of garbage in nature, this time, " Tanglang Tengchun - Clean Mountain Field " activities arranged more than ten volunteers, in the process of not destroying The principle of vegetation and safety first cleans the mountains and picks up the rubbish that appears in sight. When you are close to nature, you can relax your body and mind while reducing the burden on nature. Our actions infect the climbers along the way, and we hear the praises from time to time: "Environmental protection is implemented in action", "Like you", "You are awesome."
Garbage quickly returned to the bag to see the garbage can not run
公里的山路是那么的艰辛、漫长。 Crossing the three mountains, the 15km mountain road is so hard and long. 自我体能和意志的不断超越 Some people on the way thought about giving up, others experienced the embarrassment of going wrong, more sweating and constant transcendence of self-physical and will . 个小时的努力,大部队近乎全员抵达终点,活动取得圆满成功。 With the support of the team's collaboration and self-confidence, after nearly 4 hours of hard work, the large force reached the end of the whole team and the event was a complete success.
The team that took the lead on the main peak is the victory of the team and the transcendence of the self.
The group that arrived at the end of the group showed the joy of victory on his face.