Information company delegation visits Singapore and Malaysia to expand business cooperation

11 18 日至 23 日,信息公司代表团会同深交所基金部、信息部,赴新马开展业务交流活动。 From November 18 to 23 , 2018 , the information company delegation will go to the fund department and information department of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to conduct business exchange activities with Xinma.

CNBC 、洲际交易所、道富基金的亚太区总部以及新加坡的创业孵化器,介绍了深交所指数业务以及创新创业投融资服务平台,就相关领域的业务合作进行深入交流。 During the visit, the delegation visited the SGX and the Malaysian Stock Exchange , the CNBC , the Intercontinental Exchange, the Asia Pacific headquarters of the State Street Fund, and the business incubator in Singapore. It introduced the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index business and the innovative venture capital financing service platform. Business cooperation for in-depth exchanges.

Delegation visited the SGX

Delegation visited the Malaysian Stock Exchange

Delegation visited Intercontinental Exchange (Asia Pacific)