Information company as a support organization to attend the Kuala Lumpur Cross-border Investment Summit

11 22 日,信息公司作为支持机构出席于吉隆坡召开的 2018 亚洲跨境投资洞见峰会(马来西亚)。 On November 22 , 2018 , Information Corporation attended the 2018 Asian Cross-Border Investment Insight Summit (Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur as a support organization .

200 名交易所、投资机构的参会嘉宾。 Co-organized by the Malaysian Exchange, the summit is attended by nearly 200 exchanges and investment institutions in the Asia Pacific region . Through information presentations, group discussions, booths, etc., the information company introduced the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index business and the innovation and entrepreneurship investment and financing service platform to help Southeast Asian investors better understand and participate in the Shenzhen market.

Keynote speech by the representative of the Index Division

Keynote speech by representatives of the Science and Technology Finance Department

1+2 ”核心指数和 V-Next 平台 The booth displays the " 1+2 " core index and the V-Next platform