Our company organizes employees to carry out outdoor hiking activities.

11月3日,信息公司工会和徒步协会组织公司员工近150人赴东莞松山湖开展秋季徒步活动,本次活动取得了圆满成功。 On November 3 , 2018 , the Information Company Labor Union and the Walking Association organized nearly 150 employees of the company to go to Songshan Lake in Dongguan to carry out the autumn walking activities. The event was a complete success.

Taking a photo at the starting point

This trekking activity, from Nanhu Bridge, along Songshan Lake, through Songmushan Reservoir, Songshan Lake Ecological Scenic Area, Golden Bamboo Sea, to Songhu Yanyu, the total length of 16 kilometers, employees along the way to enjoy the lakes and mountains of Songshan Lake, performance Out of the spirit of the enthusiasm of the informant and the spirit of the spirit !

On foot