Conducting a number of business exchanges with the Cambodian Exchange

426日,深圳证券信息有限公司指数事业部、信息中心、科技金融事业部会同深交所与柬埔寨证券交易所代表团开展指数、信息披露、中国高新区科技金融信息服务平台业务交流。 On April 26 , 2018 , Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. Index Business Unit, Information Center, and Science and Technology Finance Department and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Cambodia Stock Exchange delegation carried out index, information disclosure, and China Hi-tech Zone technology financial information service platform business exchange.

The Cambodia Stock Exchange is the key cooperative exchange of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the ASEAN region. This exchange has laid a good foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.

”核心指数 Introducing the " 1+2 " core index of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to the Cambodian side