First, the Secretary of the platform function module


1. Compliance operation (three sessions management, compliance management, laws and regulations)

A. Management of the Three Sessions - Secretary of the Almighty Council

Conference data collection, meeting schedule, sending meeting notice, generating resolution announcement meeting record, bill voting result statistics, meeting summary, data archiving

B, compliance management - compliance transactions

Sensitive period, short-term trading reminds executives of transaction data export and submission

C, laws and regulations - securities laws are under control

Laws and regulations disclosed by websites such as Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Securities Regulatory Commission, local regulatory bureau, and Zhongdeng timely obtain legal and regulatory updates.

2, the letter of the norm (announcement management, letter feedback. Change reminder)

A. Announcement Management - Announcement Writing Management Professional Assistant

Announcement archive management, formatted, standardized, easy-to-operate bulletin template latest announcement sample reference

B, the letter of feedback - timely grasp of the letter dynamic

Automatic reminder announcement disclosure prompts the latest number of announcements

C, transaction reminder - real-time monitoring of stock price changes

Automatic calculation of transaction deviations to remind users of stock price changes

3. Corporate governance (shareholder analysis, online voting, interactive, and investment management)

A. Shareholder analysis - a clear overview of shareholder movements

Quickly import shareholder data, analyze results, report automatically generate quick view of all types of shareholders in and out, increase or decrease holdings, follow-up analysis of specific shareholders

B, online voting

Online investment, seamless docking

C, interactive easy

Certificate login, one-stop login window

D, investment management

Manage investor relations activity records
Annual report investor reception information is automatically generated

4. Company information (research report, investment rating, industry status, public opinion monitoring)

A, research report

Understand the company and the industry research report, mainstream institutions research trends

B, investment rating

Know the company rating changes

C, industry status

Industry status is clearly visible
The main financial indicators are at a glance

D, public opinion monitoring

New wealth public opinion monitoring system monitors company public opinion information in real time

5. Interactive capital circle (investment and financing platform)

A. Investment and financing platform

Investment and financing docking platform, online viewing of national quality project roadshow video one-stop view, download project BP

Second, the letter information

In-depth interpretation of the letter requirements, targeted letter compliance consulting services

Third, data subscription

Market transactions, issue financing, margin financing, corporate behavior, market value management and other data services

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