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Shenzheng Information Finance Database is a comprehensive and comprehensive authoritative financial database covering the contents of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Exchange, four futures exchanges, inter-bank bond market, open-end fund, new three board and small and medium-sized enterprises. Margin and securities lending, member transactions, index research and other fields have certain characteristics, and have gained a good market reputation.


English data service

1. SWIFT format data service

(1) Service Introduction

The data service provided in the SWIFT message format covers not only the four trading markets of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the open-end fund market and the inter-bank bond market (the New Third Board market message is under development), but also covers stocks, bonds, funds and The main types of warrants, such as warrants, have 163 types of temporary announcements, and 26 types of SWIFT events, specifically ACTV, BONU, BPUT, CHAN, CONV, DLST, DVCA, DVSE, EXOF, EXWA, INTR, MCAL, MRGR, PCAL, PRED, PRII, PRIO, REDM, RHDI, SPLF, SPLR, SUSP, TEND, MEET, XMET, OTHR.

(2) Service advantage

A. Experienced, professional and reliable service team Since the company provided the company's behavioral message service for QFII custodians in 2007, it has maintained a professional and reliable SWIFT service team that always stands at the forefront of the market. The text has been highly recognized by customers and praised by the market for its timely, accurate and complete. In 2009, the company's 20 types of SWIFT templates for the Chinese market were officially certified by the SWIFT organization. Since 2011, the company has been commissioned by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to draft the "Company Code of Content for Corporate Behavior Information."
B. Advanced and stable data processing platform company has introduced the most advanced data integration processing platform in the world. The SWIFT standard embedded in the platform not only streamlines the data processing process, but also enables automatic verification of the data format and seamless connection with the SWIFT network, and enables customers to meet various customization requirements faster and better.
C. More distinctive service content Compared with other domestic information providers, the company not only provides structured domain data of the message, but also the only information provider in China that provides unstructured domain data (ie 70e, explanatory text).
D. Strict information quality control system The company has a very strict information quality control system. All English bulletin summaries and company behavior message data must undergo 5 audits before being sent to the customer.

2. English data services also include English bulletin abstracts, English databases, customized services (data services in the form of EXCEL), and English news.

Member Statistics Analysis Data Service

1. Transaction unit: Provide the member unit with the transaction data and market positioning analysis data (multi-dimensional, multi-cycle, multi-variety) of all the trading units of the member in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which mainly meet the accounting and analysis requirements of the institutional branch;
2. Business analysis: Provide member members with the economic data of the members of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the transaction volume data of the two financial businesses and the market (regional) positioning analysis data (multi-dimensional, multi-cycle, multi-variety), mainly to meet the members (the sales department) ) performance appraisal and the need to specify business strategies;

Credit transaction business data service

Provide member units with daily data support for credit trading services such as margin financing and securities lending (stock pledge, agreed repurchase, transfer financing), including vouchers and vouchers for securities lending and securities, securities equity information, shareholders' meeting, suspension of trading, issuance Listing, major events, high information of directors and supervisors, and market transaction statistics to meet the risk control, customer service and market analysis needs of member credit transactions;

High frequency historical market data service

Provide high-quality historical high-frequency market data and landing services for financial institutions such as brokers and fund companies to meet the needs of customers for innovative business such as quantitative investment and high-frequency trading; available from January 1, 2008 to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange High-frequency (3 second refresh cycle) of the whole market (main board, small and medium-sized board, GEM), all securities (A shares, B shares, indices, funds, bonds) to enhance market data (including one-by-one commission, one-by-one transaction) ;