First, the overall introduction

1. Guidelines

Organize content and provide data services on the principles of objectivity, fairness and neutrality;

2, the goal

Provide small and medium-sized investors with data-based services with comprehensive content, diverse channels, simple functions and good experience. At the same time, provide differentiated data value-added services for market participants with special needs; build the data platform of Juchao Network into ordinary users to understand China. Preferred information entry for securities market data.

3. Vision

The Juchao Data column has become the first platform for the authoritative and practical data service in the minds of public investors and the preferred platform for market participants to obtain data services, and consolidate the dominant position of the giant tide platform in the multi-level capital market information service.

Second, the featured channel introduction and instructions for use

1, the data downloader

The data directory of Juchao Information Network launches the function of online data downloader, downloading authoritative market and financial data in one stop, and helping investors to assist in professional investment analysis.


2, the giant tide stock picker

Provide industry, index constituents, regional three dimensions of choice: including more than 100 industries, 40 commonly used index constituents, 30 regional classifications to choose from, HTML5 new adaptive design, computer, mobile phone, tablet browsing barrier-free. * entry-level tool investment analysis research smart little helper * full-size adaptation industry index regional data mastery