High-tech park financial platform

First, platform services


(1) Investment and financing docking service

  • 1. Normalized roadshow

    “Normalized Roadshow” is a regular, long-term online investment and financing docking activity brand launched by the platform and relevant strategic partners such as local government financial departments, high-tech parks and regional equity trading markets. “Normalized roadshows” are not restricted by geography and time. All localities can be carried out in parallel and at the same time. High-quality projects are continuously landing on the platform, and the “7*24” hours of investment and financing will never end.

  • 2, boutique post-project road show

    The “Boutique Post-Project Roadshow” is a brand of investment and financing docking activities launched by the platform in cooperation with major venture capital institutions. It selects a number of high-quality projects that have obtained one or more rounds of financing to conduct roadshows, and assists venture capital institutions to strengthen post-investment projects. Management and exit, broaden the cooperation channels between investment institutions and listed companies and other institutions. At present, it has established strategic partnerships with a number of well-known venture capital institutions.

  • 3. Investment and financing roadshow for the competition project of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    The platform cooperates with the organizing committee of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to build a competition for the investment and financing docking activity brand. The event provides “Internet +” services for outstanding entries with financing needs. At the same time as the competition, the participating projects will organize special fundraising and promotion roadshows, and promote them through auditing and certification investors on the platform website and mobile client.

(2) Social learning services

  • 1. Industry Investment Sharing Salon

    "Industry Investment Sharing Salon" is the theme sharing event brand launched by the platform. Each campaign selects hot topics in the market, and provides communication, social, and learning platforms for venture capital institutions, listed companies, start-ups, and intermediaries through expert presentations, case discussions, experience sharing, and interactive exchanges.


    Currently focused on listed companies + PE, electronic information / biomedicine, genetic testing + capital markets, smart healthcare, education + Internet, virtual reality (VR / AR), big health, China manufacturing 2025, smart car driverless, sports Industry theme such as the ecosphere.

  • 2, "燧石星火" financing open class

    The “Yanshi Xinghuo” Financing Open Class is a brand of public welfare training activities launched by the platform for the equity financing of SMEs. The open class gathers well-known scholars, investment banks, investors, accountants, lawyers and other industry experts to provide "online + offline" training services for small and medium enterprises across the country. It has been held in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen Weihai, and Xi'an, Shaanxi.


Second, the platform results

(1) Service network covering major regions of the country

The platform service covers 25 of the 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, accounting for 78.12%;

The platform service covers 15 of the 17 national independent innovation demonstration zones, accounting for 88.24%;

The platform service covers 66 of the 156 national high-tech zones, accounting for 42.31%;

The platform service covers 22 of the 40 equity trading centers, accounting for 55%.


(2) Extensive core strategic partners

  • 1, 45 national and local partners


  • 2, 50 market-oriented institutions


(3) Market-leading user groups

2461 excellent technology enterprise projects

4,113 investment institutions, 8,830 investors

838 intermediaries, 2,655