China Securities Index Network
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Index authorization

The company is responsible for the management and management of the "Shenzhen" series of indices, "national certificate" series of indexes, providing performance benchmarks for various types of investment tools, tracking investment targets and trading targets, including but not limited to funds, ETFs, index derivatives And structural products, etc. Users must apply to the company for authorization before releasing the above series of index quotes (including real-time and delay) and issuing relevant index products.

Index customization

The company has accumulated rich experience in index research and development, operation and maintenance and promotion, and provides special index customization services according to the individual needs of customers to meet the diversified needs of customer product development and brand building. Case: CCTV 50 Series Index, Big Data Series Index, Zhongguancun Series Index, Zhongcai Guozheng Green Bond Index.

Data product

Provide historical data and daily data based on index level and index sample stocks, including but not limited to index points, index price-earnings ratio, index fundamentals, sample stock list, sample stock industry classification, sample stock weight, free float equity data , company behavior, index stock index adjustment list, etc. Related data services need to sign an index data service agreement with our company, and some involve data service fees. At the same time, users can also obtain relevant data services through our authorized information providers and data agents.

Information license

The company acts as an agent for the information related business of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Before using the securities trading information of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to prepare and publish the index and authorize the development of the index products, it must apply for permission from the company.

Bond valuation

The valuation of the China Securities Bonds independently developed by the Company is a valuation pricing system managed in accordance with the IOSCO Financial Benchmarking Principles organized by the International Securities Regulatory Commission. The company provides credit card valuation and authorization services and data services. At present, international index institutions have adopted the valuation of national securities bonds for index preparation, and the quality of valuation has been recognized by the market of professional institutions.

Industry classification standard

The industry classification standard of the listed companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange is based on the successful experience of Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd., drawing on the domestic and international mainstream industry classification standards, fully considering the development stage of China's economy and the structural characteristics of China's securities market, and independently developing and launching industries that serve investment needs. Classification criteria. The application of the industry classification standard of the listed companies of the China Securities Stock Exchange has covered all A shares and B shares in an all-round way. Based on this standard, our company has compiled and published the Shenzhen Stock Industry Index, the China Securities 1000 Industry Index and the National Securities Industry Segment Index. The Index Index Network publishes the industry average P/E ratio statistics of listed companies. At the same time, based on the strong basic database resources of China Securities, rich index preparation and industry classification maintenance experience of listed companies, the company has established a systematic, objective, and recognized AES-listed ESG scoring system and database.

Industry information

Provide regular index research reports to various investors through the official website and mail platform, including “Weekly Index and Index Product Weekly Bulletin”, “Shenzhen Index and Guozheng Index Operation Monthly Report”, “Core Index Operation Monthly Report”, “Monthly Index” Product News. Through the WeChat public account, the "Daily Market Level Index Daily Valuation Level", "Domestic Statistics of Domestic Market Index Funds", "Comparative Performance of Active Equity Funds and Market Benchmark Indexes", and Index Release Trends were released.