data service

Introduction to the data service platform

The SZSE Information API Data Service Platform gradually integrates all the advantageous data resources of the securities market according to the needs of users and products, and shields the complexity and instability of the database structure and content with a clear and easy-to-use standardized unified interface, reducing the difficulty of data usage for users. Provide the most comprehensive, authoritative and easy-to-use data in the capital market, providing a unified data solution that reduces the cost of collecting, processing and using user information.

Data service platform features

1. To shield the complexity and instability of the database structure and content with a clear and easy-to-use standardized unified program interface, and lay the foundation for the construction of an open financial information service platform.
2. Realize the standardization and traceability of the company's internal data production process and improve the maintainability of data resources.
3. Unify the business logic used by data, simplify the logic of taking data, avoid data ambiguity, and reduce development costs.
4. Standardize the data production process and establish a set of controllable production environment process specifications.
5. Expand user scope, reduce access thresholds, enrich third-party innovative application development, and achieve a more flexible charging mechanism.
6. In the existing “database delivery” mode, it must be accessible to institutional users with database management and operation capabilities. In the API mode, the data can be left untouched, and small organizations or even individuals can make it
Use dedicated terminals or self-developed terminals to directly use our data and computing resources, so no operation and maintenance management is required, and only focus on developing application analysis functions.
7, API provides a variety of data return formats: including JSON, XML, CSV, DBF return format;
8, support a variety of request methods: support Http Post, Http Get, Socket request mode;

Data service platform technology innovation

1. Adopt a new architecture design. Adopting the micro-service architecture model, the architecture is more flexible, and the horizontal expansion capability is stronger, which is more suitable for the development needs of the current Internet era;
2. High availability service implementation. Provide service discovery, service gateway, and inter-service communication, use distributed task scheduling services, and compete for execution. After the service is hanged, other services can take over the service.
The task of the line. Achieve service fuses under high pressure to avoid pressure avalanches at the back end to provide highly available services; new front and rear design patterns. Integrated React, ES6, Webpack,
All the basic services such as ESlint are configured to realize the development mode of separating the front and back ends of a single-page application. At the same time, the background realizes high-availability rpc calls across languages, cross-language service discovery and governance.
Reason. Implement a simulated sandbox environment inside the Python script service to implement compilation and execution of the rules API script.